Friday, November 28, 2008

High School Days


Year 2004, the year I first stepped onto the grounds of high school. That was the year my best friend and I got separated by our schools. That same year I met the group of people that I would spend most of my high school years with. That year I met other students that transferred from different schools. I learned to deal with them and they turned to be a daily face to see. That year also I met a person that would soon mean a lot to me. This year was my transition from being a kid who loves to play jackstones and Chinese garter, to a girl who likes to just chat with friends. My first year in high school is also the year I met my favorite singing partner. Then I also learned that not all people that come into your life stay. That sadness would come more often as you grow older and that the very meaning of my life is to fulfill my purpose.


On my second year, I absorbed high school life more. I got to bond more with my new found friends but was also nostalgic—I missed my elementary friends. I learned to handle long distance friendships. I thought I was wonder woman who can keep old friends while knowing acquaintances. It was hard though because I still want my elementary life back but bit by bit, without noticing it, I was detaching from that phase of my life. High school was becoming the best for me. I realized that true friends are those that come back after a big storm between the two of you. My friendship with my best friend grew stronger even if we do not see each other often. We realized…yeah, we really are not grade-schoolers anymore.


I finally accepted that I am not a kid any longer. I am entering a phase wherein I thought I should act my age—no excuses. Yet things are becoming harder and harder for me. I do not know, maybe I am not fit to it or maybe things are getting so tedious. Problems with friends are becoming more serious. They were no longer just kid fights; sometimes they lead to the end of friendships. Yes…things were really becoming harder—harder to do, harder to accept and harder to forget. Behind those hard things high school life opened a new door for me; I learned to be more confident in performing and in showing my talents. I thought, maybe I am doing some progress. Maybe, just maybe, I am becoming more mature. High school life continues to the fast approaching end.


This was the judgment year. The year when we find out if we are going to graduate together, who are we going to spend college years with and who the people with almost no plans yet are. This is the saddest year of the four high school years. It is amazing how everyone turned from being strangers to really close friends—like siblings. It is amazing how these four short years gave us the bonding that would make us sad to leave behind. How amazing my high school life turned out to be. I learned right grammar, how to use sine and cosine, how to pronounce words the right way, how Jose Rizal fought for our freedom, how important yet evil money is, how to measure altitude using a piece of paper but my high school years at South Hill taught me more than just tangent and secant, more than just how to conduct a survey, more than just how to make a short film—my experience here at South Hill taught me how to value friendship, how to express myself more, how to respect others, how to interpret others actions and how to love myself more than anyone else but God.


leane said...

i miss high school. who would thought that just in a span of four years everyone would be t0o attached with each other? who would thought that we would be friends? who would thought we would end up this way? the best of it is that we had the best high school life in South Hill. Even though we had a lot of bad days, annoying classmates, hard to understand "superiors", and daily problems, our stay in this school was still worthwhile and irreplaceable. thank you for being my friend and being part of my high school years. :D

_leane_ :D

judithsays said...

aww leane.. thanks for reading..

paull said...

pao was here..:))