Sunday, November 30, 2008

Movie versus Novel

Don't get me wrong, I like Twilight but I meant the book. The movie was.... "okay" but not the expected "WOW". Maybe because I've read the book? In my opinion, there weren't enough details. But, oh well, that's what always happen to books that are turned into movies. Of course, it would be hard to squeeze the whole novel into a 2-hour movie. They had to cut some parts. I just think that the "cutting" part was not.... that good. :|

I'm just glad I read the book. It's much much much better reading it. The sensation that the book gives you will never be felt in the movie. I'm telling you.

When it comes to the actors.. I think they've played their parts well exept that, as I expected, I didn't really like Kristen Stewart's acting. I think there's something missing. But I like her. And, uhm, sorry girls, but I think Robert Pattinson lacks the charm but I like him, too. Please be reminded that this is just my opinion before you hate me. But whatever, hate me if you want to.

Music also... was not quite good. *sigh* I'm sorry again but I ALMOST FELL ASLEEP watching it. :| I just think they could have improved the musical scores. =|
Cinematography was okay. I liked it. Effects, a-okay. The opening? Not so. The ending, too.

Script? Not that sweet. but sweet enough.

Kirsten-Edward chemistry? 3 out of 5 probably.

All in all... Movie was.. well, unexpected. But I still like it. And we can never expect something to be perfect. ^^,

oh and please don't compare Harry Potter and Twilight. For the love of angels, they're of different genre. In my opinion, they're of the same level of creativity, it's just that twilight is more of a reality-based. Like a drama that had vampires in it, not the other way around.

In the end, I still salute the director and the author of Twilight. Looking forward for the next movie: New Moon! (eeeep! T_T)


paull said...
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paull said...

pao was here..:))

Anonymous said...

Hi. I like your review. It's quite "safe." Hehe.. Mine might have been too harsh. XD