Saturday, May 2, 2009

Frustration over obsession of perfection

Surely you've heard Mariah Carey sing her lungs out.
but this shocked me..

Mariah Carey is an Alto.

Okay, I maybe overreacting. SORRY. But during my high school days I belong to the Sopranos in our school choir and suddenly I find out that Mariah Carey, the lady who whistled through people's hearts, is an Alto. What right do I have to be a soprano? HAHA. Okay this is definitely OVERREACTING.

Anyway, what would I like to write about today? It's only Saturday and I already miss my friends. *sigh*

I'm listening to this song entitled The Way I Am which was sung by Ingrid Michaelson.

Let me introduce you to the song first.

The song is cute even though the lyrics are a bit predictable but let's skip the musicality shit and get on with the message.

"if you were falling then I will catch,
if you need a light i'd find a match..
'cause I love the way you say good morning,
and you take me the way i am.."

If you have seen the music video of this song it shows a girl stuck with a bunch of, well, relatively, freaky-looking clowns. In this world of clowns, she is considered as a freak -- because she does not look like most of them -- clowns. [Gawd, please. Why clowns?]
Just as I watched the video it demonstrated exactly how wicked our world is. Truly this girl will be madly in love with this guy whom she thinks takes her the way she is. Why? In this cruel world, people hardly ever stop to look at you. I mean LOOK at you. We merely just SEE them as this normal-looking creature who bears no interesting knowledge. As expected she would really be in love with this guy whom she thinks takes her the way she is because it is rare to meet people who would gladly do so. We are way to judgmental, admit it or not.

So she is a freak.. so she is not normal to them. Now we see how one can say if a person is NORMAL or NOT-SO-NORMAL. Who dictates who's normal and who's not? Of course the majority of a region's population. MAJORITY WINS.

For a society who convinces themselves everyday that "Nobody is perfect", we are pretty much obsessed with perfection. Which makes us feel frustrated if we can't achieve what we consider PERFECT.

I believe it is actually relative.
I just hope people will stop stressing themselves trying so hard to be everyone's favorite person 'cause that just won't really happen anyway.