Wednesday, April 8, 2009

it's just emotions taking me over...

"How do know you that it's love?"
"What else would it be? Infatuation? There are things you wouldn't do just because of infatuation."
"How do you differentiate them?"
"Infatuation is silly, childish. Based on ego or desire for personal gain. It is temporary and shallow. Love is when you start wishing that you and your guy played Satine and Christian in Moulin Rouge but this time you dream for the play to last forever."
"You speak like life's a big fairytale. You make it sound so easy. Na parang nagbabasa lang ng libro."
"Kaya lang naman nagiging complicated yan eh dahil everybody is afraid to fall."

So it's 3:10am and I can't sleep. I know sinanay ko kasi ang sarili ko na matulog ng late. RAWR.

"kamusta na? Andyan ka pa? Wala na yata magagawa kundi tumawa..."
Mata | Mojofly

Do you believe that emoticons and smileys are used to HONESTLY show how people feel?

People said I have a nice smile but it seems to be a threshold of secrets.

My smiles were never fake, I tell you. They never were. But sometimes they serve as cover.

"So you invade my sleep and confuse my dreams.."
Stuck On You | Paramore

Don't feel bad. Quits lang. Remember?

"Should I give up or should I just keep on chasing pavements even if it leads no where?"
Chasing Pavements | Adele

So, how do you build up confidence after a darn stupid trip?

"You are my sweetest downfall..."
Samson | Regina Spektor

I might be falling for him without him knowing that his gravity is really pulling me down.
My heart's been beating a different, nervous, lonely beat since I've encountered him and his witty remarks. My heart's been painfully working for my body even though it's hurt and weak. It has been faithful and loyal. I'm scared. I don't know what it is but I'm scared.

"I've gone too far to come back from here but you don't have a clue, you don't know what you do to me..

won't someone stop this song, so I won't sing along,
someone stop this song, so I won't sing.

I never let love in so I can keep my heart from hurting. The longer that I live with this idea, the more I sink in.."
Stop This Song | Paramore

It's easier to show people you are happy -- you don't get attacked with questions. Showing everybody your sentiments is like provoking hungry lions with a big piece of meat. I get all panicky when I am asked.

"And I'd give up forever to touch you 'cause I know that you feel me somehow.."
Iris | Goo Goo Dolls

I don't want the world to see me, 'cause I don't think they'd understand. :]
"Don't feel bad. Sabi nga ni Bob Ong, quits lang."
"It doesn't make me feel better.. I wanna cry for three reasons: 1. I've never felt so down, low and degraded. 2. How can I forgive myself for how I made others feel? 3. Tama si Bob Ong."
"Tingnan mo 'yung moon."

"You got me for your prey.."
Spider Webs | No Doubt

These are the possible reasons why...
A. I'm ugly
B. I'm fat
C. He isn't really interested in girls
D. He's gay
E. He has his eyes for someone else
F. All of the above
What do you think?

Friend1: C?
Friend2: E?
Me: D? No, I was really betting on A or B but my pride won't let me say it.

"I'm all out of faith, this is how I feel, I'm cold and I'm ashamed lying naked on the floor. Illusion never changed into something real. I'm wide awake and I can see the perfect sky is torn. You're a little late..I'm already torn."
Torn | Natalie Imbruglia

End: 3:51
I don't expect to fall asleep right away..

coz I'm still singing..
"it creeps in like a spider, can't be killed..although I try and try to..but can't you see? I'm falling.. Don't wanna love you, but I do.."
Stop This Song | Paramore

'Wag kang magreklamo, blog ko 'to. :)
My advice: You should never let anyone make you feel this way.
It's funny how my advices are true, yet I cannot do them.

ang kulay ng blog ko, katuwa.
I changed the end time THREE TIMES.