Friday, January 9, 2009

There goes 2008, here comes 2009!

Last year I know I've been a not-so-good-girl and no, I'm not planning to change anytime soon. *insert evil laugh here*

To be frank, I don't believe in New Year's resolutions. You can always change ANYTIME you want, not just during the holidays. I don't want to change just because it's New Year or Christmas. God would just be too disappointed. Change is within thyself (Oh, goodness, what am I saying?). So, I think you get my point. *smiles*

But for the sake of the blog I would like to tell you what I would probably change just in case I decide to. Deal, heh?

1. DO NOT JUDGE A BOOK BY IT'S COVER. Guilty. If being judgmental is a crime I would be in prison for it. I don't really say my first impressions out loud but most of the time I believe in things that other people say (whether they are true or not) about other people without checking first. I know it's mean, yeah, yeah, but, hey, I am not a hypocrite that's why I am confessing.

2. THROW THOSE SWINGING MOODS AWAY. Honestly, I suspect myself to be bipolar or manic depressive! Just kidding. I am just extremely moody. No, I'm not pregnant or whatsoever. I really am just unpredictable with my moods. Consequence? I (most of the time) get mad at my friends over little things. I am SO SO SORRY.3. KEEP IT INSIDE. I need to be more thrifty, REALLY! Let's not waste our money, I doubt that Philippines would be waking up in the near future so we need to save our resources!

4. PROMISES ARE MEANT TO BE BROKEN. No, I'm not a promise-breaker or something, at least not to others. I have to stop promising stuff to myself like,"today I'll be cleaning my room." or "later I'll do my paper." It's really annoying. I know I'm like a complete psycho.

5. FORGIVE AND FORGET. Now, this would be the hardest for me. Of course I'll forgive people...those who deserve to be forgiven! *rolls eyes* Seriously, I'll try to be less parochial so I can forgive those who need to be forgive, after all I've had my share of sins and mistakes, too, and I, as well, needs to be forgiven.

In the end this all just sums up to three things.

BE HONEST. That's just it all along. We just need to be honest not just to other people but also to ourselves. Being a hypocrite is like biting your own tongue. Why? You just keep on hurting yourself again and again over almost the same things, events, situations and people. We need to be more open-minded towards our reality. WAKE UP, ALREADY.

This year, I'd be turning 18 (NO! NO! NO! NO!!!!). I know, I can't do anything about it (is time traveling not yet possible? huh? huh?) so I would probably just make the most out of it. HELLO, LEGAL AGE! Just kidding. Anyway, DO NOT ABUSE YOUR FREEDOM is number two on my summary. Just because your parents left you with your month's allowance doesn't mean you can spend them all in one week! (how many times will I tell you that I didn't spend them in a week? it was ....two weeks!) Okay, no, I didn't spend my month's allowance in a week or two. I manged it well. I just had some problems with card. (SORRY =[ )

On summer we are planning on extending our hands again, this time for the first grade schoolers. Yes, I am very much eager on doing this. VERY MUCH. Last December we gave grocery items to some families in our barangay. It was an ultimate joyous moment. Whenever we hear them say thank you I just couldn't help but smile my biggest smile.

So there.. for me life isn't about what was given to you by yourself or whoever, for me it is about what you have given to those who needed you at a certain time.

(please comment or contact me if you want to know informations regarding the outreach this summer)


Anonymous said...

nice new year blog.

judithsays said...

thanks! ^^